Romance books with heat
Forbidden. Dangerous. Desire.


I had 3 rules...and he broke them all.

I’m done turning into a mushy little girl. I’m done being reckless.
But I’m also done trying to forget how special Michael makes me feel.

“I received a free copy of this book but enjoyed it so much that I purchased a copy.”

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This author never fails me!


“This story is so romantic, hot, and funny it hurts...but that might be from hunger or thirst because you don't want to put it down to attend to those needs...”

JulIE G.



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Kelly Myers Romance Books

Hi, I'm Kelly Myers

Author of Forbidden Romance and Dangerous Love books

As an author, I love to weave steamy contemporary romance stories that ignite the imagination and stir your emotions.

Join me for sizzling forbidden love tales where heat meets heart - from off-limits office romance to tantalizing age-gap love stories, and even sinfully dangerous romance, where it's not just your heart on the line, it's your life at risk too.

Kelly Myers